BioEnergizer D-Tox Foot Spa (Refill Kit)

    • The BioEnergizer D-Tox Foot Spa (Refill Kit) 
    • Enjoy a salon foot spa bath... at an unparalleled home price! †
    • For use with the BioEnergizer D-Tox Foot Spa. Get everything you need to continue cleansing for 30 treatments: 1 cartridge, 1 salt refill, and 30 liners.

      † Results may vary.
    • Includes:  Full kit comes with salt refill, new cartridge, and 30 tub liners.
    • Cartridge lasts approximately 30 treatments with routine cleaning.
    • Refill packs are also available (consisting of 1 cartridge, 30 bowl liners, 100g low sodium salt).
    • Plugs into an AC outlet.
    • Treatment time: 30 minutes, 2X per week.
    • Drink plenty of water during treatment.
    • PLEASE NOTE: This product should not be used by those with a pacemaker, or those in the first trimester of pregnancy. Users with metal implants or epilepsy should seek medical advice prior to use. Not for use by children.
    • Ongoing clinical trials have seen significant results achieved in the treatments of various health issues & vitality.
    • Medically CE Approved.
    • ISO 13485 Standard.
    • USA Patent: 6871100, UK Patent 2370507
    • European Medicial Devices Directive, MDD 93/42 EEC
    • As used by Doctors & Hospitals.

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