Amplify - Heart Health Support - 30 Day Program

    1. Amplify (Liquid Tincture) 2 fl. oz - 30 Day Supply.
    2. Master Herbalist formulated and blended formula. Supports healthy heart function. †
    3. Mix with water, fruit juice, or can be simply ingested by itself.

      † Results may vary.
    1. Made with Certified Organic and Wild Harvested Ingredients:
    2. Hawthorne Berry
    3. Red Root
    4. Dandelion Root
    5. Burdock Root
    6. Ginger Root
    7. Lobelia Herb
    8. Other Ingredients (Tincture):  De-ionized Water,  Grain Alcohol.
    1. Shake well before using.
    2. Take 1 - 2 servings directly in mouth (or alternatively mixed in water or juice).   Take once a day (or more), as directed by your health care practitioner.
    3. Do not take during pregnancy. Keep out of reach of children.
    1. NMOC Certified Organic ingredients.
    2. Parve Kosher certified.
    3. GMO free.
    4. Made in a GMP certified facility.
    5. Made in the USA.
    6. Amplify Heart Formulation Certification & Guarantee:
    7. The formulator is a Master Herbalist and Clinical Herbalist with over 36 years of experience focusing on alternative therapies, formulating and creating formulae; testing herbs, vitamins and minerals; has created the Amplify blend as a traditional way to promote heart and circulation support. Since 1982 he has been treating thousands and thousands of patients by the natural components and the herbs that are in the Amplify formula.
    8. In fact, many of the natural components and herbs in the Amplify formula have been used for centuries and centuries. Herbs have proved to be extremely beneficial for various wellness applications throughout the times of Chinese Empire, the Egyptian Empire, the Greek Empire, the Roman Empire, the old Turkish Empire, and through the history of the Mediterranean cultures. However it is only under the wisdom of a Master Herbalist that the culmination of all this ancient knowledge has been precision-blended and perfected into a single formulation recipe - created to produce the maximum results, Amplify truly is the personification of the herbal wisdom of the ages.
    9. We stand one hundred per cent behind the effectiveness of Amplify, and do certify that the formula will help assist the body to promote natural head function. All of the ingredients used in the Amplify product are of the highest quality and grade possible; made with 100% certified organic & wild harvested ingredients.

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