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A good cleansing program should always begin by removing the waste in your colon, the last portion of your food processing chain. Gastroenterologist, Dr. Anthony Bassler, tells his colleagues, "Every physician should realize that the intestinal toxemia (poisons) are the most important primary and contributing causes of many disorders and the diseases of the human body."

Many health challenges can be related to organism infestation, improper digestion of food, and inadequate care of our bowels. Our bodies come with a complete system of checks and balances to determine which substances are useful and which are waste. However, our environment and lifestyles have compromised, and in most cases, damaged the quality of this system to do an adequate job of protecting us from illness and disease.

Herbal cleansing may help decrease the risks of developing certain health problems. Many people who are affected by various health conditions have found that cleansing and nutritional supplementation can help their body rejuvenate itself naturally.

According to the Royal Society of Medicine of Great Britain, "More than 65 different health challenges are caused by a toxic colon."

"Other prominent physicians agree with me; that in human history, the organism challenge is likely the most unrecognized of all endemic problems. Because they cannot be seen and rarely present immediate symptoms, they remain invisible as a cause or contributing factor to what can be a serious disorder." 
- Dr. Ross Andersen, N.D.

"In terms of numbers there are more parasitic infections acquired in this country than in Africa." - Dr. Frank Nova, Chief of the Laboratory for Parasitic Diseases of the National Institute of Health.

In recent medical studies, it has been estimated that 85% of the North American adult population has at least one form of organism living in their bodies. Some authorities feel that this figure may be as high as 95%.

If you think organism infections are rare conditions only in poor, undeveloped countries, think again. According to Dr. Theodore Nash at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases in Bethesda, Maryland "parasitic infections are a major cause of illness in North America". Invading organism are said to affect a large percentage of our population, causing many symptoms often blamed on other conditions.

Our mission is to help people by educating them about the potential causes of declining health. Our vision is based on increased awareness and a commitment to helping others live a healthier lifestyle.

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